How to Get Started

Getting started with Moolah is incredibly easy - it just takes 10 minutes to create an e-commerce store.

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Deploy to Your Site

Moolah integrates with standard CMSs, such as WordPress and Joomla, as well as standard HTML sites.

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Managing Your Store

With your store deployed, you're ready to expand your catalog and increase sales.

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Managing Your Store

Now that you have created and deployed your store, you ready to start using it. Here you'll find a wealth of information about using Moolah to sell unique and premium goods and services.

Product Availability

Moolah provides you basic features to limit the availability of products, coupons, and the link by quantity and date, features that can be found in the Moolah Business package. This article discusses those and other options you can use to create unique product availabilities.

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Managing your Product Catalog

The first task for new Moolah store managers will be to create their product catalog, so in this topic will discuss in detail the concepts for Categories, Products, Variations, and how to use the Moolah Management Console to manage each. This article describes how one creates categories and products using Moolah.

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Adding Media Files

Adding images to your store will help customers easily understand your offerings and increase sales. In this article, we'll show you how to upload images and assign them to your products.

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Shipping and Delivery

When selling physical products, a common task requirement is finding out how long will it take to ship an item, and how much will it cost. Moolah offers a unqiue system that simplifies the calculation of shipping costs and delivery estimates.

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Styling Your Store

After you have started to work with Moolah and deployed it on your site, you will probably want to change how it looks. In this article, we discuss how to use cascading style sheets to customize the look and feel of your store.

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