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Getting started with Moolah is incredibly easy - it just takes 10 minutes to create an e-commerce store.

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Moolah integrates with standard CMSs, such as WordPress and Joomla, as well as standard HTML sites.

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Managing Your Store

With your store deployed, you're ready to expand your catalog and increase sales.

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Getting Started with Moolah

Welcome to Moolah. Today we'll be showing you how to get started with Moolah E-Commerce, starting from selecting a package, then logging in for the first time, configuring a product, and deploying it to your website. Let's begin.

What is Moolah

Moolah brings to the power of E-Commerce to services, but what does that mean?

E-Commerce for Services

We created Moolah to fulfill a niche market for products that simply can't be sold on traditional online stores or marketplaces. What you sell is unique to every customer.

Customer Interaction

In Moolah, a product is not a simple thing that you assign a quantity and price to. Rather, it is something that the customer customizes based on attributes of the product. Each attribute can have a list of predefined options, or you can even let the customer provide their own. The availability and final cost is determined by what the user wants.

Embedding a Store

Moolah let's you sell your services from any website, including legacy websites. Moolah's single-page checkout appears directly on your website, each step loading below the previous, giving a smooth checkout process that won't distract customers.

Smooth Checkout

Unlike most e-commerce systems, Moolah does not force the user to use a traditional cart. Instead, the user simply selects the product they wish to purchase and immediately proceeds to the checkout.

Watch the Video

If you would like to watch how we deploy a Moolah store, watch the “Getting Started” video. The video shows you how to register for a free Moolah Personal store, how to log into the Management Panel, and finally how to deploy your Moolah store into your website.

Watch the Getting Started Tutorial Video

Although this video uses Joomla as the host content management system, you can also use WordPress or any other HTML Website of your choice.

Sign-Up for a Store

The first step to sell online is to request a a Moolah store. The free Personal Package is free for personal use, and is perfect for individuals selling a limited number of goods and services. If you are a business and wish to start using more advanced features, you can upgrade to a commercial package as needed.

After completing the registration you'll receive an email containing the username and password for you account, as well as your Store ID, all of which you'll use to log into the management console.

Log into the Management Console

When you registered with Moolah E-Commerce, we created a default category and product for you that you can modify by logging into the Management Panel with the URL, except insert your Store ID. The username will be the email address that you provided when registering, and the temporary password can be found in the email sent to you after completing the registration.

Configure Your First Product

When you sign-up for a Moolah store, we'll create a default product and category that you can use as the foundation for your first product. From the menu on the top, select the Catalog item, and then Products in the submenu to access the Products Report. Here you'll find all the information about your products. For example, you can change the product's title and price, followed by other attributes as described in our article on Managing Your Product Catalog.

Deploy Your Store

Next you will need to embed Moolah into your website. If you are are using WordPress or Joomla, you can easily download the plugins from our GitHub Page. Otherwise, just add the Moolah JavaScript code to your website's HTML and let Moolah do the rest.

If you are using one of our plugins, simply copy the “Product ID” and insert this ID into the appropriate box. Alternatively, you can paste the script directly into the HTML of your page as show below.

View the Product

With the store configured you are able to embed the store, a store category, or a single product into your site. You may need to create a menu link first. Use the Menu Manager to create the link for Joomla, or add the “Moolah” shortcode into a post for WordPress.