Creating a WordPress E-Commerce Website

WordPress is an excellent choice for personal and professional sites, and you can also use Moolah to turn your blog into an profitable commerce website. If you have a WordPress website already, you're just minutes away from selling goods and services using our WordPress Plugin.

Moolah's WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

There are a number of ways to install the Moolah plugin, the easiest of which is to download it directly within WordPress. From the administrative area, select “Plugins” and then “Add”. Search for the “Moolah” plugin. There shouldn't be that many.

You can also download the most recent version from our repository at

Download the Plugin

With the plugin installed, you are almost ready to access your store. Find the new listing for “Moolah” under the “Settings” menu and enter your Store ID. If you do not have a Store ID, you can get one by registering for a free Moolah Personal Store.

You have the option to load the store in the current page using an iFrame, or by opening the management console in new window. In this tutorial, we'll be loading the store within WordPress using the iFrame, but if you experience any problems with this method than we recommend that you access the Management Console directly in either a new window or browser tab.

Embedding Your Store into WordPress

With the plugin installed, activated, and configured, you are now ready to embed your store into your site. A typical way to do this is to load your store into a WordPress post. In the metabox labeled “Store”, click the checkbox for “Show”.

You can also embed the store into a WordPress page. Find the page in which you wish your store to appear, and in the page's content, enter the special syntax “[moolah]” in the post.


A specific category or product from your store can also be loaded by specifying additional arguments in the shortcode.

[moolah product=2918585049]

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WordPress is a popular blogging application for personal and professional use. Use Moolah to sell goods and services from your WordPress Website.