How to Get Started

Getting started with Moolah is incredibly easy - it just takes 10 minutes to create an e-commerce store.

Get Started

Deploy to Your Site

Moolah integrates with standard CMSs, such as WordPress and Joomla, as well as standard HTML sites.

Deploy Now

Managing Your Store

With your store deployed, you're ready to expand your catalog and increase sales.

Learn How

Deploy Moolah to Your Site

Creating a Business E-Commerce Website

You can use Moolah with any website, not just WordPress or Joomla. Business websites come in many different flavors, and you can easily embed your online store into a site using a bit of JavaScript code. Let's show you how.

Get the JavaScript Code

Moolah can easily be loaded into a website using a line of HTML. You can find the code in the Overview Tab of your store Management Panel.

Although only a single line of code, it will load everything that you need to render the store in the page. Copy the code so that you can paste it into your site in just a moment.

Insert the Code into Your Page

If you are the owner of the website or have the ability to modify the content, go to the page where you write the content, and simply add the following code to your page's content.

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>
<div id="moolah"><div>

Replace the number 1234567890 with the numeric ID of your store. If you do not have a Store ID, you can get one by registering for a free Moolah Personal Store.

HTML Editor Example

Please remember that you must insert this code into the HTML source - change to the HTML view of your editor first.

You can view a demo of embedding Moolah into an business website on our Business Demo Website.