• Sell Online Using Moolah

    Moolah is a single-page checkout that is quick to setup and easy to use.

  • Online Transactions

    Moolah helps you accept orders and payments for your business services.

  • Mobile Ready

    Tablets, Phones, Laptops, Oh My! A Moolah store adjusts to the device being used.

  • Easy to Integrate

    You can easily deploy your store into any Joomla, Wordpress, or HTML Website.

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Professionals and businesses have been creating sites using Joomla for years now, and you can easily add Moolah to your Joomla website using our Joomla Plugins. Let's take a look at how to add an online check and ecommerce store to your Joomla website.

Install the Moolah Joomla Extensions

The first step to putting a Moolah store into your website is to install the Moolah extensions for Joomla. In recent versions of Joomla, you can install directly from your administrative panel and the “Extension Manager”. Click the “Install From Web” tab and search for ‘Moolah’. Select ‘Moolah E-Commerce’ and click “Install”.

For previous versions of Joomla, you can download the extensions directly from our repository on GitHub, where can find the Joomla and other CMS packages, such as our plugin for WordPress. This install archive can be installed using the “Upload Package File”.

Download the Installation Package

With the extension package installed you are now ready to configure the plugin for use.

Configure the Component

You can access your store directly from within Joomla using the Moolah Component for Joomla. From the administrative console, elect “Moolah E-Commerce” from the “Components” menu. If you already have a Store ID, click the “Options” menu and enter it here. If not, you can easily obtain a Store ID from the Moolah E-Commerce website.

With the component configure, you should now be able to access your store's Management Panel directly from within Joomla, viewing any categories and products that you have created already, or the default ones if this is the first time you are logging in.

Creating a Menu Link

After installing and configuring the component, you can create a menu link so that your store will be shown to your site visitors. A typical store is dynamically deployed to your site using JavaScript, and can be deployed to several pages and sites at the same time. A Menu link will help automate this deployment.

Go to the “Menu Manager” and create a new menu link. Select “Moolah E-Commerce” and “Store View” for the type. Provide a name and then save.

Now, when you access the link from the frontend of the site, you should be able to browse your store's catalog.

You can also link to a specific category or product. In the menu configurations, simply provide the Category or Product ID, and save your changes.

Embedding a Store into an Article

The Moolah E-Commerce Content Plugin for Joomla provides an alternative way for you to embed your store into your site. Using this method, you can place the store within an article, a great way to present a featured product that you wish readers to know about.

First, go to the Joomla Plugin Manager and enable the plugin. By default, Moolah will use the Store ID that you provided in the component options previously, but by editing the plugin parameters you can also provide an alternative Store ID, as well as a unique Category ID and Product ID.

Next, go to the “Article Manager” and insert the special code {moolah} into an article. This will instruct the plugin to load the store into the current article.

<p>Test Moolah</p>
<div id="moolah" >{moolah}</div>

You can also provide overrides to the default values by provide the category and product arguments with the IDs of each.

<p>Test Moolah</p>
<div id="moolah" >{moolah product=3235528}</div>

  • What is Moolah +

    Moolah is a e-commerce platform that you can use to put an online store into your website. Moolah offers the standard features of a typical store application, plus a number of unique features that are useful to those selling business services.

  • Why Should I Use Moolah +

    Use Your Exisitng Website

    You can embed your Moolah store directly into both new and existing site. Simply add a bit of HTML code. There is no need to install any additional software, and you can even put your store on several sites at the same time.

    Single-Page Checkout

    Moolah provides a streamlined checkout optimized for completing a sale. Each step of the checkout loads under the previous step, meaning that the customer never leaves your site.

    Complex Products

    Finally, Moolah offers advanced features including variations, attributes, and pricing for complex products that can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

  • How Much Does Moolah Cost +


    Our Personal Package provides the basic features you need selling a limited number of products online, and is free for the duration of the subscription.


    Our Professional Package lets you to create forms for customizing a product, to offer promotional discounts, and to define complex prices for products and variations, for $8/month.


    The Business Package offers multiple logins, promotional coupons, the ability to assign fees, and option to deploy your store to multiple websites, for $16/month.

  • Who Should Use a Moolah Store +

    Service Providers

    If your business is based on a service, then Moolah provides you a great platform to take orders, accept payments, and manage your customers.

    Web Professionals

    Adding an online store to an existing website is as simple as adding a bit of JavaScript code to the page, your client recieves updates automatically.

    Sales and Marketing

    Moolah's deployment system let's you embed a partner's store directly in your blog or website, and can be used to publicize promoted products on multiple websites.

  • Will Moolah Work with My Website +

    Moolah works with almost any website if you can copy and paste our widget code into your site. Your Moolah store will load automatically.

    We also offer native plugins for both WordPress and Joomla, both of which are free to download and easy to install.

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